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Mission, Vision and Values

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Open Homeless Management Information System


OpenHMIS will be a basic open source HMIS that collects only the required HUD Data Elements.  It will include a simple user interface, open standard API and the HUD mandated reports such as the Annual Performance Report (APR), Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) and data quality reports


The OpenHMIS will be a collaborative development effort in order to ease the programming load for each developer every time there is a change to the Data Standards or Report Requirements.  This core OpenHMIS provides all developers a common platform to create tools to assist communities/agencies in providing services to the homeless. 

Our Vision
Provide a place for developers, vendors, analysts and entrepreneurs to grow and implement their unique and innovative ideas for tools that make homeless services more efficient and effective; and Be the ongoing technology initiative where anyone interested in helping the homeless can come together and make a difference.


The Result
HMIS users and communities will have access to the tools and client information they need to create better programs, provide better case management and make better decisions.