April 26, 2013

posted Feb 6, 2014, 12:18 PM by William Matson   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 12:19 PM ]

Tony Zhang, Eric Jahn, Rodger Huang, Beini Ouyang

Action Items
  • MySQL View Issue: Rodger talked about the status of the MySQL view critical issue. The issue is that in MySQL, a view cannot be based on multiple tables. So, data can't be simultaneously inserted into multiple tables. Rodger said that he will be able to do something to work around it in MySQL. Rodger: in MySQL is not insertable if it is based on multiple tables. So we can not insert data into the view like we do in Oracle. We have to split our complicate view to simple view, which means creating a view in Compass schema to point to table in Open HMIS schema.
  • Open HMIS Core Database: Rodger is reviewing Bob's schema, comparing it to the existing Compass schema and to the November proposed schema version, but he's not finished with his review yet. As Rodger continues his review, he will send questions to Bob and cc: the others on the development team. Rodger asked if Tony and Beini had had a chance to review Bob's schema. Tony got one ERMaster file from Bob for printing, he has reviewed it briefly and print a png for Bob before. It looks OK to Tony from his perspective. Beini doesn't think she received it yet . Rodger will forward to Beini, Eric, so that they have it to review.