March 22, 2013

posted Feb 6, 2014, 11:47 AM by William Matson   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 12:09 PM ]

Tony Zhang, Beini Ouyang, Eric Jahn, Rodger Huang

Action Items:

  • Relational model preliminary version: Eric requested we load a relational schema to the cloud, so that we a database starting point. Edits can be made over time as we find issues with it, and can be discussed in future dev meetings and the listserv. Eric suggested we call it schema version .1. Rodger said that he will check with Bob who has been reviewing the published schema from November. If Bob has any changes ready, we will upload that, otherwise we will upload what exists as a schema version.
  • API issue resolution priorities 
    • client/search: Eric reported the search is fixed. Beini said she still had problems with it when she tested using her client. Beini will update the issue with testing detail and post the JSON she sent, as well as the response to see if Eric can replicate. Server may have been down when testing, since we turned it off last week intermittently. Eric will verify Beini has rights in the tracker to reopen issues.
    • client/update client/get (issues 20 and 23 in the tracker) Eric reported that we need to fix issues 20 and 23, and described the issue. One issue causes the other. Rodger said that these issues sound important, and that they should be fixed. Rodger said that his staff will not have time to work on these, so he asked Eric if he had time to fix them. Eric said he did, but needs to get cost approval from Bill before proceeding. Eric will send estimate to Bill for this issue fix.
  • Simplified installation process: Eric reported that Maven has been removed from the project, and that it’s now it's a standard Google Eclipse Plugin/App Engine Project). He encouraged staff to try the updated install instructions at: to get the dev environment loaded. Because the packaging facility in Maven is gone, Eric described the need to periodically produce web archives (sources + dependency jars) and publish them. The first is here, but Eric mentioned an Ant script would be could for automating the packaging:
  • General development process Eric mentioned developers (outside contributors and within the team) should start to use branches off the trunk to keep new development separate until merged in by the project coordinator.
  • The open taxonomy ( along with AIRS Eric mentioned we need to ship with the open eligibility taxonomy as the default code table, since licensing prevents free distribution of the airs taxonomy. Tony stressed the importance of AIRS in the existing Pathways Compass application, and in human services tracking. We agreed to support both. Rodger suggested crosswalk between the two. The team agreed, and we also discussed how a publishing a crosswalk could trigger licensing fees, so the default would be open eligibility alone, with AIRS add-ins available. Rodger mentioned that the AIRS add-in/crosswalk would not be a top priority for the OpenHMIS, since we can use the default Open Eligibility at first. (Eric note: next meeting, we should discuss how to import the Open Eligibility and the timing of that).