May 10, 2013

posted Feb 6, 2014, 12:33 PM by William Matson   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 12:34 PM ]

Rodger Huang, Bob Lenhard, Beini Ouyang, Eric Jahn, Tony Zhang

Action Items:
  • Open HMIS API: Eric talked about the next API task that he had discussed with Bill Matson during the week, since API related tasked had been stalled for two weeks, since all bugs had been squashed and no new features had been authorized. Eric described Bill’s consent/authorization status method directive. It’s essentially a client release of information API method that would allow 3rd party apps to report a client’s consent to sharing their information, how that consent was granted (verbal, implied, documented, etc.), and for what specific sharing extent. Bob mentioned that it was Pathways policy to require a signed consent. Pathways keeps a log, and expires the release. They also track consent on agency, but not on program. Rodger was unaware of this next API task, so he needs to sync up with Bill on this. Rodger requested Eric to first write up a requirements document for the new functionality, and Eric said he’ll work on this next week.
  • Eric also asked if we can get the demo cloud sql server in sync with the latest version of Bob’s ERD. Rodger requested that we don’t implement Bob’s ERD design in the cloud yet, since he still has questions for Bob on several columns. Bob said that the ERD he posted on the listserv is not the final version of it. Bob mentioned that Bill had told him there are two aspects to the design that we need to consider: audit trails and security. Rodger asked Eric if people are asking for the database to be implemented. Eric explained that there is external interest in the OpenHMIS schema, but that they are waiting for a base level of functionality before deeming it worth participating in. Bob asked how difficult it is to change things once a schema is established. Rodger responded that if a structure is already used in the code, then it is difficult to change after the fact. Bob asked what happens if we rename a column. Rodger reponded that we need a good naming convention, so it stays stable.
  • Eric asked how things had progressed last week as far as getting the latest version of the schema on the google code site for public viewing. Eric said he had noticed that Bob’s ERD had not been checked in yet. Tony and Bob described how they had cloned the existing code off the site, and then committed the change, but that it wasn’t showing up yet in the Google Code repository. Tony mentioned how he created tony_test in a new code repository folder. Eric said he’ll work with Tony and Bob next week to show them how, and will email Tony the commands needs to check it in.