May 31, 2013

posted Feb 6, 2014, 12:48 PM by William Matson   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 12:49 PM ]

Tony Zhang, Jesse Barnum, Sterling Rouse, Rodger Huang, Beini Ouyang, Eric Jahn 

Action Items:
  • API Status: Rodger asked how the API development is progressing. Eric discussed the PHP API client he is assisting Sterling from 360Works to develop. Sterling described the issue he encountered, where the namespace expected by the OpenHMIS is different than the one currently hosted by HUD. Eric clarified that HUD changed the target namespace recently, without notice. Sterling said that he discussed this with Eric already, and he will regenerate the Java classes for JAXB, using the new namespace, and the issue should be resolved. Sterling also discussed how the OpenHMIS error reporting could be improved, since the current API gave the impression a call was successful, even though it was using the wrong namespace. So, better error reporting would raise and XML validation failure error. Sterling will be adding validation error messages to the API response, after regenerating the namespace. Rodger asked if there was an issue logged for this, and Eric said that Sterling now has access rights to the Google Code site to create these issues.  Eric said that he received Rodger’s initial comments on the Client Authorization and Release API requirements document, and will address these asap.
  • Open HMIS Path 2 Tasks: Rodger said that he needs to talk to Dave and Bill about current goals for Path 2, and suggested that Eric could review what we already have and come up with tasks to complete. Eric described how, along with the 360Works developer tasks for namespace recompilation and error reporting, Dave also requested uploading the latest revision of the OpenHMIS schema (Bob Lenhard’s) to the google cloud sql instance. Jesse asked what drivers are available for Google Cloud SQL. Eric responded to Jesse that JDBC is available, but we don’t have live data yet on the cloud yet. Rodger said that we still need to enhance the schema. Also, in the very near future, we may need to migrate from cloud sql to a hosted mysql instance. Jesse said that as long as it supports JDBC, we can make MirrorSync? work with Google Cloud SQL. Jesse offered to make this start happening. Eric clarified that Rodger would need to approve this. Rodger said that from past discussions with Dave, it would take time for MirrorSync? to work with Google Cloud SQL, but now 360Works is saying it would not be that difficult. Jesse said he didn't see any reason why it shouldn't work with Google Cloud SQL. Rodger responded that we need Dave's approval for Cloud synchronization before starting.